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Detectives testify that Flack had different versions of how victims were killed

Posted in Uncategorized by kofonews on March 8, 2016

OTTAWA — The sheriff’s department’s lead detective in the murders of four people near Richter wrapped up her testimony against Kyle Flack this morning by being questioned by one of Flack’s attorneys.  Tammy Alexander testified that Flack’s explanations of what he did after the murders contradicted each other.  She also confessed that she wasn’t above lying to Flack during her interrogations about evidence she found in hopes of getting him to implicate himself.  In response to questioning by defense attorney Tim Frieden, Alexander said that some claims by Flack were found to be true.  Alexander also said she didn’t check on Flack’s claims of drug-dealing and use by some of the murder victims, which has been his defense.  In subsequent testimony, sheriff’s detective Jeremy Thompson said that Flack told him several different versions of the murders in which drug dealers named Omar and Chewy killed the four victims because of drug deals that went bad.  Thompson said Flack told him one version in which one of the victims, Andrew Stout, killed another victim, Steven White, during an argument about rent.  Then the other three were killed by the drug dealers in what could have been retaliation.  Thompson’s testimony continued into the afternoon.  Flack is charged with the shot-gun slayings of  Kaylee Bailey, her 18-month-old daughter Lana Bailey, Stout and White.

Tuesday, March 8, 3 p.m.


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