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Discovery of toddler, shotgun focus of trial testimony

Posted in Uncategorized by kofonews on March 18, 2016

OTTAWA – Testimony today in the capital murder trial of Kyle Flack concentrated on forensic evidence detailing the death of 18-month-old Lana Bailey, and the discovery and testing of a shotgun that could have been used to commit the murder of Lana and her mother Kaylee Bailey, Andrew Stout and Steven White near Richter three years ago.  The little girl was killed by a shotgun blast from above to the back, said Dr. Erik Mitchell, forensic pathologist.  Jurors also saw the black suitcase into which her body was stuffed.  The suitcase was thrown into a creek in Osage County.  Prosecutor Stephen Hunting said Flack, who’s been charged with the four people’s murders, dumped her body while driving her mother’s car to Emporia.  Defense attorneys challenged that, saying that soil samples on the car didn’t match the soil around the creek.  Experts also testified that a shotgun tossed into a landfill near Emporia could have the murder trial.  They also said that landfill workers who found the shotgun were tested to show they weren’t involved in the murders.  District Judge Eric Godderz said the prosecutors would like finish up their case in during the first day or two of next week.

Friday, March 18, 3 p.m.


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