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Zika case confirmed in Johnson County

Posted in Uncategorized by kofonews on June 20, 2016

OLATHE — The Johnson County department of Health and Environment said it has a confirmed case of the Zika virus.  The Johnson County resident tested positive for Zika after traveling to an area where the disease is spreading, JCDHE director Lougene Marsh said.   There are now four confirmed cases that have occurred in Kansas.  The chance of the virus spreading on its own in the area remains low, she said, adding that the resident was given information on avoiding mosquito bites to prevent further spread of the virus.  Travelers returning to the U.S. from an area with active Zika  should take steps to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes bites for at least three weeks so they do not spread Zika locally, she said.  The virus is normally spread by mosquitoes but research has shown it can be sexually transmitted, as well.  The agency and Kansas University will conduct a study to  determine the extent to which mosquitoes capable of carrying the Zika virus are present in Johnson County.  In most cases, Zika is fairly mild but can cause serious birth defects and in some cases, paralysis.

Monday, June 20, 2 p.m.


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