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RMH ponders name, brand change

Posted in Uncategorized by kofonews on July 27, 2016

OTTAWA — Could there be a name change and the end of the swan that is used as a trademark for Ransom Memorial Hospital?  The hospital trustees have discussed the prospect as part of a rebranding review, hospital CEO Matt Heyn said.  They’ve asked for some additional ideas for the August trustees meeting.  However, Heyn said any change, if it happens, is a long-term community project. “We’re not going to do anything until we vet this out with the community, until we vet this out with the staff.  This is not a small undertaking. We want to do this the right way.”  The process could involve 600 to 800 interviews or mailings with the public, he said.  If the public thinks it’s time to fresh up the hospital’s image, the trustees will make those changes, he said.  “If at the end of the process, if this is something the community doesn’t like or if they want it to be Ransom Memorial Hospital in perpetuity, that’s something that we’ll do.”

Wednesday, July 27, 3 p.m.


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