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OTTAWA- Ottawa police are also investigating a burglary of multiple offices inside the Kanza Park Business Plaza at 13th and Main Street.
This morning around 7:50 employees arriving for work discovered the building broken into and damaged.
Patrol officers and detectives processed the scene and collected some evidence that may identify those responsible. Entry was made by kicking in an exterior door on the west side of the business. Once inside the suspect kicked in 8 other doors causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the building. A small quantity of money was stolen; so far no other items are reported missing.
Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Ottawa Police Department at 785-242-1700 or 785-242-2561.



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BALDWIN- The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has issued a boil water advisory for Baldwin City. The KDHE issued the advisory because of a loss in pressure.
Customers are cautioned to boil water for one minute prior to drinking or food preparations. For a complete list of precautions go to the KDHE website or call KOFO for details. The boil water advisory for Baldwin is in effect until further notice.
The city of Wellsville is also under a boil water advisory. This is because wellsville purchases water from Baldwin.


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OTTAWA-Memorial day is set aside to honor those who died while serving our country as well as those still counted among the missing. Jenette lute who was the special speaker at the Franklin county Memorial Day ceremony at the veterans memorial in Ottawa she considered it an honor to recognize all of America’s heroes including her father. Eddie Hughes. She says her father suffered tremendously with post traumatic stress disorder but fought on helping others in any way he could. Lute says she didn’t realize how many people he touched until after he was gone.

Eddie Hughes worked for the City of Ottawa for many years. The ceremony featured a traditional laying of a wreath to honor not only those from Franklin County but all those around the nation that have fought for the freedoms afforded Americans today.


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OTTAWA- Ottawa police have arrested a suspected wanted for a series of crimes spanning several days after the suspect eluded arrest several times. 33 Year-old Justin Johnson was arrested after a brief stand-off in the 700 block of West. 2nd street Sunday afternoon.
Formal charges are pending for numerous crimes committed in Ottawa of the past few weeks. Donovan was arrested for multiple stolen autos, felony interference with law enforcement and criminal damage to property. Other charges are possible as the investigation continues.
After stealing a car from north casey’s late Saturday night, he fled toward Wellsville and was stopped by the Johnson County Sheriff Department who had deployed stop sticks. He fled on foot. He somehow made his way back to Ottawa and was spotted by officers at a residence. Donovan apparently hid underneath the house, in a crawl space that was too small for tactical officers to enter safely.
Sunday, he was spotted again, and officers moved quickly to contain him in the residence at 200 West 2nd and surrounded the house again. A bounty hunter had attempted to intervene and used a taser on Donovan with no effect, after. He fled to the rooftop and continued to threaten officers. He was arrested after climbing back into the house and encountered sheriff’s office deputies who deployed a taser.

Cancer is Number One Killer

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Ottawa- Heart disease, move over and make room for cancer. That seems to be the unfortunate reality in Franklin County. Health Department Director Midge Ransom says cancer is now the number one cause of death in the county. Through education about the dangers of smoking, eating better and taking care of yourself, as well as advances in cardiovascular care, heart disease has seen a decline. However, Ransom says cancer rates have remained steady. Lung and breast cancer are two of the most common cancers seen.

Franklin County Shrinking

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Ottawa- Most people believe Ottawa and Franklin County is a nice place to live….or surely they wouldn’t stay, right? The last statement is causing some people some heartburn….Jim Potter is a consultant AND he did a residential housing study in Franklin County. He says neighboring counties are doing better.
He says that their is an outward migration toward Johnson and Douglas counties that has lead to negative growth in the area
Other officials say if the next census confirms a decline in population, it would be the first time since 1890 that Franklin County will have shown a loss of population.

Mowing Season

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Ottawa- It’s that time of year. Lawn mowing season has started up and some of us tend to let it go a little longer than we should. It’s very tempting to just blow it out into the street, but….that is against the law. Grass clippings in the street ultimately end up in a storm drain where they can build up and cause drainage issues and localized flooding.
City manager Richard Nienstedt says it’s a matter of keeping the environment cleaner and it can clog up the system and allow pollution into the water system,
It is also a violation of Ottawa municipal code to blow grass clippings and other yard waste into the street. Keep grass clippings in the lawn and out of the street.

Anderson County Motorcycle Fatality

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An Ottawa man was killed in a motorcycle incident early Friday morning. 21-year-old Luke Rea, was traveling south on U.S. highway 169, south of Garnett, on his 2007 Suzuki motorcycle, at a high rate of speed. Rea was being pursued by Anderson county sheriff’s officers when he attempted to pass a 2017 Freightliner tractor trailer driven by William Metcalf of Dallas Texas. Upon passing, Rea’s motorcycle tire went off the right shoulder and he lost control. He and his motorcycle were run over by the semi-truck. Rea was pronounced dead at the scene. Metcalf was not injured.


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WELLSVILLE- The water boil advisory for Wellsville has been rescinded. The advisory was issued because of a line break which caused a loss of pressure.
Laboratory testing samples collected from the city of Wellsville indicate no evidence of contamination and all other conditions that placed the system at risk of contamination are deemed by KDHE officials to be resolved and the water safe to drink.


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OTTAWA- The Ottawa Police Department responded to a report of shots fired late yesterday afternoon in the 900 block of east 7th street. On scene, officers identified several people and determined that the suspect and the victim had left then scene. Franklin County Emergency Communications immediately broadcast a lookout with the possible suspects vehicle description.

While investigating, officers were notified that a person had arrived at the hospital suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Detectives responded and confirmed the injury. The victim was transported to another hospital for additional treatment for the gunshot wound.

At about the same time, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department stopped a vehicle fitting the description of the one reported to have left the scene. The driver was detained, and the vehicle impounded for safekeeping. The sheriff’s office is helping with the investigation to confirm the events that took place and locate those involved in the shooting.
The initial call came in at 4:42 and within 13 minutes at 4:55 the suspected vehicle had been stopped.